How to Use Glassdoor® for Recruiting

how to use glassdoor for recruiting

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Here is a question: What is the first thing job seekers see when they look up your small business on the Internet? If your company has a presence online, they will most likely see reviews from current and former employees on job boards and recruiting websites. If your business does not have favorable reviews, top talent might be sending their cover letters and resumes elsewhere. That means you might receive resumes from candidates who do not meet the list of requirements in your new hire checklist.

Glassdoor® is one of the fastest-growing job-related websites in the country, and it provides job seekers with business reviews and ratings. It is an excellent platform to use in addition to your business’s LinkedIn™ page. Now is the time if you are not putting Glassdoor® to work for your business. The reason being, it can help you attract the best employees. This Balboa Capital blog post explains how to use Glassdoor® for recruiting.

Nearly 50 million reviews.

According to Glassdoor®, the site has 67 million unique monthly visitors, and has nearly 50 million reviews and insights for over one million businesses. These include CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews, etc. In addition, the site provides a wealth of information to job candidates researching companies and employment opportunities.

Getting started with Glassdoor® is easy; you must create an account and complete the required form fields. Then, if you want to expand your recruiting and branding efforts on the site, you can upgrade to a paid plan for employers. In addition, a paid account lets you promote your business on social media. Glassdoor® for Employers also provides access to analytics reports.

Attract the best talent.

Once your Glassdoor® page is live, you will need to stay on top of it by posting relevant news, awards, and pictures. You can also respond to reviews and flag reviews that might not be authentic or do not meet their guidelines. Positive reviews and ratings can help influence candidates’ decisions when seeking employment.

Lastly, your small business’s Glassdoor® reviews will produce an average star rating that will appear in searches on the Internet. A higher star rating can result in more clicks to your page.

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