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Small business loan calculator.

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All figures displayed on this calculator are estimates for your general information only. The calculator does not produce results based on your individual circumstances or your credit profile, and the resulting calculations do not constitute a small business loan application or offer. Should you apply for a small business loan, your monthly payments will be determined by various lending criteria.

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Choosing the best business loan option.

When shopping around for a business loan, consider your company’s financial situation before deciding on a particular loan amount and term. Loan rates are one part of the equation, and you obviously want the lowest rate you can get. That said, the amount you want to borrow, and how long it will take to pay it back, both play a big factor in your finances. You will be happy to know that Balboa Capital business loans have competitive rates and simple payback terms.

Next, look at your company’s historical cash flow to see how much money is coming into your business, and how much is going out. If you are generating enough sales to pay your debt obligations and fund your daily expenses, you are in a good position to repay a business loan. In summary, choose a loan amount that will not hurt your cash flow or negatively affect your company’s finances. If you have questions about Balboa Capital’s unsecured business loan options, one of our account managers will gladly take the time to answer them for you.

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