Customer engagement can come in many forms, and is one of the most important initiatives your company can take to see success. There is active engagement, which takes places over various social and traditional channels, as well as ethical engagement, which includes the transparency of your business and its commitments to employees, customers, and the community. Another type of engagement is interactive engagement, which allows you to better understand your customers and receive feedback on your products or services. These are just a handful of the many types of engagement that exist in the marketing sphere. Learn more in this Balboa Capital blog article that discusses three reasons why customer engagement matters.

1. Creates a personalized experience.

When your brand is actively engaging with your customers, you’re creating a personalized experience. This lets your them know you are committed to great service and focused on the quick resolution of any issues. Your customers will feel well attended to, resulting in repeating purchasing and a customer loyalty. Look at branding strategies for business success to see which ones are best suited for your company.

2. Word spreads quickly.

Good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster. For every good experience a customer has with your brand, they’ll maybe tell a few people they know about it. But for every bad experience, they’ll broadcast this information on social media, and to friends. Word-of-mouth is a form of marketing that can be extremely powerful, yet very difficult to control. Therefore, it’s vital to your business that your customer service team works hard to provide great service.

3. Emotional connections are powerful.

All the advertising in the world won’t give your company the emotional connection that engagement will. Engaging your customers is the first step to building a relationship with them. If your customers are not adamant believers in your product or customer service capabilities, your company will risk relying on a price relationship alone to retain your best customers – a difficult position to maintain in today’s market.