5 Benefits of Hiring Summer Interns

benefits of hiring summer interns

The spring semester of most colleges and universities typically ends from the middle of May to the first week in June, and that signals the start of summer break for students nationwide. This is also the time that small businesses like yours seek to bring summer interns on board. Having a summer internship program is a great way to discover talented workers without having to read piles of resumes and conduct lots of interviews.

If an intern works out well, they might be a candidate for a permanent position following graduation. Next, your summer internship program can build strong brand awareness among the local colleges and universities in your area, and this can help you attract the best talent for your summer internships. These are just some of the many reasons to consider having a summer internship program. This Balboa Capital blog article discusses five benefits of hiring summer interns.

1. Adds additional help.

Every small business could use some additional help now and then. A summer intern can assist you and your employees by working on specific tasks and projects. This short-term support prevents your employees from being overloaded with “busy work” and side projects, and frees them up to focus on tasks that require more expertise, or that are critical to your company’s bottom line.

The only thing to remember is that interns are coming to your business with little or no experience in your industry. So, make sure you provide with an adequate amount of training, and give them feedback on their work.

2. Supports college students.

College students like to have enough money for movies, food, and fun activities during summer. That is why many of them look for part-time and full-time employment opportunities. When you offer paid internships during summer, you are providing college students with invaluable real-world experience, and a means of making money in the process.

Your interns will learn about your industry, develop new skills, make professional connections, and strengthen their LinkedIn profiles and personal resumes. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

3. Locates new talent.

Have you ever hired an employee who interviewed well only to find out they were not a good fit for your business later on? If so, you are not alone. The results of a study conducted by Leadership IQ reveal that 46% of hires in the United States are deemed failures before they reach the 18-month mark.

Having a summer intern can help you minimize, or even eliminate the chances making a bad full-time hire. That is because you will get to evaluate the intern’s work habits and personality, and assess their potential, for several months. Think of it as an extended interview.

4. Increases brand visibility.

Once your summer internship program launches, word will spread fast at local colleges and universities. Awareness of your industry and your company’s brand will increase, and that can help you attract the best talent for your summer internship positions.

If you would like to meet a large pool of potential candidates in person, consider participating in career fairs. Many colleges and universities hold career fairs for their students, and they present you with an opportunity to talk to students who are looking for internship opportunities.

5. Generates positive word of mouth.

When you provide your summer interns with an awesome experience, they will likely mention it to their college internship coordinator, friends, family members, and fellow students. In addition, they might talk about their experience on social media.

This positive word of mouth is great for your business because it can help make your company a preferred destination for students who are looking for internship opportunities that can help enhance their skills, experience, and knowledge.