How to Hire Without Meeting in Person

how to hire without meeting in person

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You need to hire the best candidates if your small business has one or more job openings. This typically starts by posting ads on recruitment websites or asking your current employees if they know anyone who might be a good fit. Soon after that, you will be sifting through resumes and cover letters to identify the standouts. Before you schedule in-person interviews, ask yourself this question: Do you need to meet job candidates in person to pick the best person?

Not necessarily.

However, it would help if you had an online recruiting strategy to address the physical distance between you and your prospects’ potential challenges. This Balboa Capital blog article can help guide you in the right direction. It explains how you can hire employees without ever meeting them in person.

Determine your online recruiting strategy.

Having the right online recruiting strategy can save time and money and help you attract top-performing candidates. Your plan needs to enhance your online reputation, sell your brand, and show job seekers what it is like to work at your small business. For example, add a career resources page to your website that gives job seekers an inside look at your company. Include employee benefits and perks, employee testimonials, and office photographs. Most people looking for jobs will look at business websites, so having an entire careers page can help differentiate you from the competition.

Next, your online recruiting strategy should include building a social media presence. When not hiring, regularly posting on the top social networks helps you connect with industry professionals. Lastly, claim your small business profile on Glassdoor® and encourage employees to post reviews.

Choose your online interviewing tools.

Thanks to technology, conducting job interviews online is very convenient. A computer or laptop with a webcam, microphone and speakers, and high-speed Internet access are all that you need. Most computers and laptops have built-in microphones and webcams, but ask your job candidate if the interview will include audio, video, or both before scheduling the appointment. In addition, many free and paid video chat software programs are available for video interviews. Choose one that works with the latest website and mobile browsers and has a reputation for being highly secure.

Before you conduct an online interview with a potential new hire, there are two essential things you need to do. First, ensure you understand how to use the video chat software you select. You can do this by conducting a test session with a family member or one of your employees. This is an excellent way to test your Internet connection and your video chat’s audio and video quality.

Pinpointing and correcting any problems early, such as poor lighting or missing audio, can ensure that your video interviews go smoothly. Next, develop a list of interview questions, and practice them on your test call. Keep the questions flowing promptly, and remember not to talk over the person.

Schedule your online interviews.

Setting up an online interview is simple. First, call the candidate to confirm receipt of their resume and cover letter and let them know that you would like to move forward with a live video interview. Once you agree on a mutually convenient day and time, send the candidate an email reminder with a link to the video meeting. The online interview will be similar to an in-person interview; the candidate will answer a list of pre-determined questions using a webcam to share the live interaction. Computers can sometimes lag and mid-stream buffering, so speak slowly and listen carefully.

Online video interviews help you get to know candidates. They enable you to visually connect with prospects and learn more about their professionalism and communication skills.

Ready to hire? Make your job offer.

Once you have concluded all your video interviews and found the perfect candidate, you need to move fast. Finding an outstanding employee with most or all of your qualification requirements is rare. So, call the candidate within 24 to 48 hours, make your offer, and let them know how excited you are to have them join your small business. Phone calls are more personal and professional than emails and are a great way to kick off the employer-employee relationship.


Hiring the best employees can help your business grow and succeed. To find highly qualified candidates, you need to rethink your recruiting strategy and align it with your strategic goals. By offering job candidates the option of live online interviews, you put their convenience first. They will not have to drive to and from your business or be absent from their offices for long periods, which might look suspicious to their coworkers. Finally, if your small business hires remote workers, online interviews can help you recruit top talent from all over the United States.

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