Questions? We have answers.

How do I obtain a payment history?

Please click on this link to request a payment history. Click here.

How do I change my ACH Bank Information?

Fill out the form provided along with a copy of a voided check and fax it back to (949) 756-0886 or email it to

How do I request a payoff?

Please click on this link to request a payoff. Click here.

What is Balboa Capital’s “Go Green” initiative?

Go Green is part of Balboa Capital’s commitment to operating in a manner that cultivates environmental responsibility. For example, we have recently implemented Paperless Invoices, standard paper invoices use too many resources to make, ship, and discard. The idea is to conduct our business in a way that reduces our environmental impact.

Do I have adequate insurance coverage for my Agreement?

To view proper insurance coverage and to provide this form to your insurance company, please click here.

How do I obtain my original title?

Click here to make a request. A request is made to our bank for the original title, typically this can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks.

What are the fees on my first invoice?

There are a few charges involved in financing. These may not apply to every transaction and the dollar amounts may differ.
a. Documentation Fee – This dollar amount fluctuates with the amount or type of financing. This includes the application process, credit investigations, overnight expenses, and the processing of the actual documents.
b. Equipment Inspection – Not all transactions require an equipment or site inspection. This is a Credit stipulation based on the type, age, and cost of the equipment. This fee can range from $150 to $300 depending on the accessibility of your business and equipment. Remote areas, multiple visits, and 24-hour service are additional.
c. UCC Filing – Lien search fees may be charged separately. This charge is for any searches and subordinations required in addition to the actual filing with your Secretary of State
d. Prorated Rent – Required for most transactions, prorated rent is a daily charge based on 1/30th of your base rent amount, charged for the time you accepted delivery of the equipment or funding before the start date of your transaction.
e. Sales Tax – The sales tax on your first invoice may be cumulative of a few different charges including the Prorated Rent, Documentation, as well as sales tax owing from your deposit. Sales tax is assessed based on the location of the equipment and remitted to the corresponding jurisdiction.

What is my account balance?

Please click on this link to make a request. Click here.

Can I obtain the breakdown of interest and principal for my Contract?

A Contract is not considered to be an interest/principal transaction. A Contract is typically considered a combination of depreciation and rent with the purchase of the equipment deferred to the end of the Contract.

When do payments start?

Typically, payments start the first full month after the equipment is received and deemed usable by the customer. If the deposit includes the first payment, then regular invoicing will start the following month.

Can I cancel an agreement?

An Agreement is non-cancelable. However, Balboa Capital will work closely with customers to ensure their needs are met.

Where can I see a copy of my contract?

With a link directly to the Welcome Package/Contract download section.