How to Boost Employee Productivity

how to boost employee productivity

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It is a well-known fact: Productive employees can help drive business value, create a happier workplace, and positively impact the bottom line. That is why small businesses in all industries are taking the necessary steps to hire the best workers and increase employee productivity.

In addition, they are doing it without micromanaging or overworking employees or setting them up for failure with unrealistic goals. If you run a small business, you know the link between employee productivity and profit. This Balboa Capital blog has tips on how to boost employee productivity.

Say “no” to unproductive meetings.

According to TechRepublic®, 83% of American workers have between four and 12 hours of meetings each week. Unless meetings have a clear purpose and outcome, they waste everyone’s time. Do not let this happen at your company.

To make meetings a good use of everyone’s time, email your employees a few days in advance with the topics discussed and the tasks each person will be responsible for. Providing this information ahead of time keeps everyone on the same page and results in shorter and more productive meetings.

Office equipment and employee productivity.

Old or outdated business equipment and software can slow employee productivity. It can malfunction and prevent your employees from completing their daily tasks. To prevent this, ensure your company has up-to-date equipment that works properly.

New or upgraded computers, cloud software, office printers, and telephone systems can be acquired with an affordable equipment financing solution, so you will not need to break the bank. In addition, having the right equipment enables your employees to perform their duties efficiently and on time and changes how your small business is perceived.

Reward your employees with perks.

Large technology companies are not the only ones who understand the value of on-the-job perks. Small businesses like yours provide their workers with extras to help boost employee productivity, morale, and company loyalty.

Some of the many perks to consider include movie tickets, health club memberships, restaurant gift cards, team retreats, and the occasional day off. An online survey conducted by a leading recruiting website reveals employees view on-the-job perks as one of the top three indicators of job satisfaction/confidence.


You do not need to overhaul your small business or spend a fortune to increase employee productivity. However, with a bit of time and effort, employee training, and an investment in new or upgraded equipment, you might be able to boost your productivity.

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