6 Reasons Why Business Cards are Relevant

6 reasons why business cards are still relevant

Long before smartphones, texting, and email became part of our daily lives, the only way to exchange information with customers and business colleagues was with business cards. Salespeople would give these small pieces of card stock to their prospects and customers with the hope of getting sales in the future. Business professionals would bring them to meetings and conventions and use them to network with their peers. Although technology has made it possible to share information instantly via mobile phones, printed business cards are still relevant in today’s business world. This Balboa Capital blog post explains.

1. Business cards offer value.

A business card is small, but its value is incredible. A well-designed and professionally printed business card that features your brand logo, colors and typography is an important extension of your digital marketing efforts. It is a ticket to network with prospects and customers that can help generate interest in your company’s products or services. The longer your prospects and customers hold onto your business cards, the more likely they are to get in touch with you. When they do, you will have an easier time making sales.

2. Business cards are personal.

Business cards provide a personal touch. Imagine being at an industry event and sharing your contact information over a bunch of text messages. When you return to the office and check your smartphone, you might have a difficult time remembering who’s who from your lengthy list of new connections. If you collected business cards, that would not be the case. You could look at any card and immediately get the information you need.

3. Business cards can help generate sales.

Branding can be expensive, and not every branding strategy is going to produce a good return on your investment. Print advertising, online advertising, direct mail, and public relations each cost a pretty penny. Business cards, on the other hand, present you with an inexpensive way to help generate sales. Research shows that retail sales increase by 5.5% for every 500 business cards that are handed out, and B2B sales increase by 11%.

4. Business cards are pocked-sized billboards.

Your business cards convey your brand essence and provide all of the necessary contact information, such as a website address and a telephone number. Each time you hand out one of your business cards, you are advertising your company, albeit on a very small scale. The more cards you distribute, and more contacts and potential customers you will have. Over time, you will develop a nice-sized network. You can also expand your reach when people share your business cards with others.

5. Business cards help employees feel valued.

Sometimes, even the smallest things can make your employees feel good about working at your company. Perks like a catered lunch, company picnic, or surprise day off can make all the difference in the world. So, too, can business cards. When your employees receive a box of personalized business cards, their eyes will light up, and they will feel valued and important. In addition, your employees will elevate your brand when they give business cards to prospects, customers, vendors, etc.

6. Business cards are old school, in a good way.

There is something unique and special about business cards. They are tangible. They demonstrate that you care. They instantly generate interest. Moreover, they enable you to keep it old school and have actual face-to-face conversations with the people you give them to. If you did not have business cards, you would need to stare at a small glass screen and enter each person’s contact information, which wastes time and is not very personal.


With the advent of digital printing technology, you can get your cards printed quickly and without paying a small fortune. Therefore, do not skimp on paper stock or quality. Doing so looks unprofessional and can have a negative effect on your brand, not to mention your sales. The standard size for a business card is 3.5 inches 2 inches, but there are ways to make your card more interesting and memorable. It can be vertical or undersized, or printed on unique or heavy paper stock. Square business cards are also a popular option. Whether you are creating new business cards or revising your existing ones, make sure they are simple and clutter-free. Avoid heavy graphics, unnecessary colors, and text that is difficult to read.