Short-Term Business Loans of up to $250,000

No collateral needed. All credit considered.
Leading direct lender with an A+ BBB rating.

Short-term business loans are a great option if you are short on cash.

If your company is experiencing cash flow problems, you need to act fast. If not, its ability to grow and prosper can diminish. That is because a lack of sufficient working capital can prevent you from paying your suppliers, employees, and monthly bills, to name a few. Do not let this happen. Look to Balboa Capital, a top-rated business lender that offers short-term business loans.

A short-term loan is an excellent solution to address your need for extra cash because there is no long-term commitment. In addition, a short-term loan is less risky when compared to a long-term loan because you can get the cash your company needs, pay it back quickly, and move on. Balboa Capital has competitive interest rates and flexible payback terms. To get a short-term business loan, you just need to meet our simple borrowing requirements.

  • Loans from $5,000 to $250,000
  • 3 to 18 month terms
  • Simple online application
  • No collateral needed
  • All credit considered
  • No hidden fees
  • No upfront costs
  • Easier than a bank loan
  • A+ BBB rating

Short-term business loans in 3 easy steps.

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  1. Apply online

  2. Qualify in one hour

  3. Get funded quickly

Simple qualification requirements.

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One year in business

$300,000 in annual revenue

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Decent FICO credit score

A good option when you need quick funding.

As mentioned earlier, short-term business loans can help your company when it lacks the capital needed to pay for daily business needs. A short-term loan from Balboa Capital is also a good option if your business is going through an unexpected slow sales period that is resulting in less revenue. Many businesses like yours encounter seasonal downturns, which can make it very difficult to manage cash flow on a regular basis.

You might also benefit from a short-term loan if your business has an immediate need for inventory, or if you want to invest in a new business initiative or opportunity. Along with these benefits, a short-term loan can also help you improve your company’s credit score. The shorter repayment period means you will pay off the loan quicker, and this is what the major credit bureaus like to see.

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