Small Business Infographics

Small business infographics created by Balboa Capital feature helpful information delivered in a visual way.

Semi-Truck Infographic

Facts, figures, and information about semi-trucks.

Trucking Industry Infographic

The U.S. trucking industry is on a roll.

U.S. Franchise Industry

Overview of the U.S. franchise industry.

Section 179 Vehicles Infographic

Learn how Section 179 works with business vehicles.

Towing Business Success Infographic

Get your towing business on the road to success.

Small Business Saturday Infographic

Learn the history of this famous shopping day.

U.S. Microbrewery Industry Infographic

Tap inside the U.S. microbrewery industry.

Equipment Vendor Sales Tips Infographic

Learn how to increase sales without spending a dime.

Private Label Financing Infographic

Learn how it can benefit your equipment vendor business.

LED Lighting Industry Infographic

The U.S. LED lighting industry is shining bright.

Taxi Industry Infographic

Ride hailing services are changing like never before.

Beauty Salon Industry Infographic

Learn why salon industry revenues look fabulous.