Floor Grinder Financing

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On the surface, floor grinder financing looks like a great option.

Cleaning and polishing concrete requires highly specialized equipment, especially if the concrete has paint, glue, epoxy, or another type of coating. A floor grinder is a powerful piece of equipment that can remove these coatings and give concrete floors a completely new appearance. In addition, grinders can repair damaged concrete surfaces and level uneven areas of flooring. If you need a wet or dry grinder for your business and don’t want to make a one-time cash purchase, Balboa Capital may be able to assist you. We are a top-rated business lender that offers floor grinder financing. This option is popular among contractors, construction companies, and home restoration companies because it preserves cash and credit lines.

When you finance a floor grinder, you make monthly payments over a convenient term that you get to choose. Knowing how much your payments are can help you budget your business’s finances. Plus, financing might enable you to get a bigger floor grinder with a more powerful motor than you could have without financing.

  • Application-only for hard collateral up to $500,000
  • Application-only for soft collateral up to $350,000
  • If approved, same-day funding is available
  • Easy online application
  • One-hour approval decisions during regular business hours
  • Flexible terms available
  • Competitive rates

Equipment financing in 3 easy steps.

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  1. Submit a simple online application.

  2. Get a prompt decision during our normal business hours.

  3. If your application is approved, funds will be provided fast.

What we look for.

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Minimum of one year in business

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$100,000+ in annual revenue

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FICO® score of 620 or more

These are some of our minimum lending requirements, and meeting them does not constitute approval.
Should you apply for equipment financing, additional lending criteria will determine if you qualify.

You find it. We fund it. You grind it.

Balboa Capital offers funding to finance all types of walk-behind and ride-on concrete floor grinders. These include wet grinders, which use water to help control dust, and dry grinders, which collect dust inside a container using vacuum technology. If you have located the make and model you want to finance, complete a simple application and submit it. We will review your information immediately during regular business hours and provide you with a credit decision.

One of our account managers will contact you to go over your options, answer your questions, and ensure we have all the information and documents we need. If your application is approved, you can expect to receive funds fast. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, so get started now.

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Reasons to choose Balboa Capital.

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Lender with an A+ BBB® rating

Over $7 billion funded nationwide

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