Audio Video Equipment Leasing

Audio and video production are two of the most dynamic and competitive industries in the US. The ever-changing digital landscape is making it easier to produce high-quality projects, and this is creating a crowded marketplace. On top of that, digital technology and increased competition are driving the cost of production down. Because of this, you need every advantage you can get in order to remain successful and profitable, and it starts by outfitting your business with the very latest audio and video equipment. While this is a sound business strategy, it comes with a high price. However, Balboa Capital can help. We offer affordable audio video equipment leasing plans.

Reduce Your Business Expenses

Purchasing audio and video equipment can be difficult, even for the most established production house or studio. And it’s important to remember that once you buy your equipment, its value decreases and the impending release of newer equipment can make it obsolete. Balboa Capital can help you acquire all that you need without the high cost. Our custom-tailored audio video equipment leasing programs are affordable and give you access to the very latest advances. Balboa Capital has provided audio video equipment leasing solutions to companies and professionals in all areas of film, television, music recording, sound design and video production. Getting started is easy. Just submit an online lease application and we will contact you shortly thereafter with a credit decision.

We Offer Financing for All Types of A/V Equipment