Equipment Financing FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions about equipment financing.

Questions about equipment financing? We have answers.

What is equipment financing?

Equipment financing is a popular way of getting business equipment, vehicles, software, technology, etc. You borrow money from a lender to finance equipment and make periodic payments that include interest, fees, and principal over a specific term.

What types of equipment can I finance?

Countless types of business equipment can be financed, including commercial vehicles, computers, office equipment, machinery, software, furniture, fixtures, and technology.

Can I finance used business equipment?

Absolutely. You can finance used business equipment with Balboa Capital. Used equipment can get the job done right, plus save you money in the process. For these reasons, small business owners opt for used equipment in every industry.

How do I get equipment financing?

You can apply for equipment financing through our secure website. Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed by our credit team during our regular business hours. One of our account managers will contact you to discuss the next steps and answer any questions you might have.

How long can I finance equipment?

Most equipment financing deals are written for 24, 36, 48, or 60 months, depending on the type of equipment and its cost. Financing terms are typically shorter for low-cost equipment or equipment that depreciates quickly. 

What are the rates?

This is one of the most common questions that small business owners ask, and for a good reason. Like you, they want the lowest possible rate. Your rate will depend on several factors, including your credit profile and annual revenue, the amount of funding you need, and the term length you want.

How fast can you provide funding?

When we say fast funding, we mean it. Most of our approved equipment financing deals are funded on the same day during our regular office hours, as long as we have all of the necessary signed paperwork.

What equipment vendors can I use?

One key benefit of choosing Balboa Capital for equipment financing is that you can finance equipment from most vendors in the United States. Our company works with equipment vendors in almost every industry, so we know how to accelerate the process and save you time. Once you have picked a vendor, select the equipment you want and let us know how much it costs, and we will do the rest.

Are equipment financing payments tax-deductible?

In many cases, yes. If the equipment you finance qualifies for the Section 179 tax deduction, you can deduct the monthly payments from your taxable income. However, not all types of equipment are eligible, and certain IRS requirements must be followed. So, make sure to consult with your tax professional before making an equipment purchase.

Why should I choose Balboa Capital for equipment financing?

Good question! Balboa Capital is a top-rated business lender that offers equipment financing. We offer you many benefits, including easy approval requirements, competitive rates, and fast turnaround times.