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Working at Balboa Capital: Employee reviews.

Check out what some of our sales representatives have to say. Who knows, they might be your future colleagues!

“Being part of the Balboa Nation has been great. While challenging, Balboa gives the support necessary to be successful. Balboa is an innovator, being ahead of the curve with creative programs, simple documentation, competitive rates, etc. And Balboa’s technology, second to none, is a real differentiator in the market. The combination of support and technology giving a competitive edge in the market.”

– Galen Busse, Regional Manager
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“Balboa Capital has good programs, competitive rates, and comprehensive reporting and transparency for our equipment vendor partners. In addition, our vendor partners have full access to our sales team on transactions, so the information and help they need is always just a call or email away. We have state-of-the-art systems and top-notch IT support, an excellent marketing team, and support from all departments – credit, operations, portfolio management, and customer service. There are no multi-layers of management at Balboa Capital. You have access to top-level managers as needed when you need to move a project forward in a timely manner. Lastly, Balboa Capital makes its employees feel valued, and it provides good communication about the company and its programs through Town Hall meetings, team calls, and ongoing training.”

– Jerry Harne, Regional Manager

“As an experienced salesperson looking for a new home, we look for a few things. A great compensation plan, a great product offering, a great culture, and great management. Every salesperson has had a terrible manager. One that they continue telling stories about many years after because it made such an impact on them. The same goes for a great management team and a great company.

“For me, Balboa Capital is the total package. Equipment finance/leasing, as I like to call it, is the smallest ‘big’ industry out there. I say this because most of the executive teams of the major players go way back, and have seen the transition over the years. Many seasoned reps talk about the old days of actually dialing a phone and not having click to dial. Others say how fortunate we are because we have such great technology. I consider myself spoiled to be part of the new generation of equipment finance professionals, but even being as privileged as we are now, no company’s product offering, culture, or management compare to Balboa’s.

“I have been part of the largest equipment financing company (by volume) in the nation. I have been part of brokers, and even a micro-ticket lender, and none of them compare to Balboa. If you think that I was asked to say these things, you are mistaken. I say this because I have been part of various organizations, and none of them have what Balboa has.

“The product offering is unbeatable! Their advancement in technology is not a step ahead of their competition; it is miles ahead. I won’t divulge too many details, but let’s put it this way: Everything a true equipment finance professional could want for their vendor partners is available at Balboa. The speed of the processing and knowledge of the entire team leave every salesperson hungry for more business.

“The culture is very inviting to anyone and challenges even the greatest producers to step up to the plate and challenge the funding and credit teams. Both teams are compiled of season professionals who are on top of their game. Never have I experienced the true knowledge and dedication that an ops team has like this one. At my other employers, it always felt like the ops team was working against the sales team. Here that is not case. Everyone is looking out for everyone and, most importantly, everyone wants to close more business.

“Today, everyone wonders about comp plans. I cannot go into too much detail, but it is highly competitive to say the least. You are given the opportunity to make your business your own. You truly control your income potential here. If there is money to be made, then it can be made, no more excuses for anything, Balboa gives you the tools to not only be successful, but to win in every aspect of the business.

“Aside from all the great things I just rambled on about, for me the biggest reason why Balboa has set a new standard is their management team. Every day I am still in shock on how hands-on and receptive the management team is… from the President to the Vice President to the Director of Sales. The dedication that they have to ensure that everyone has the tools to be successful is a dedication that I have never seen. They truly care about every salesperson and everyone is willing to listen to your ideas and work with YOU to enable you to be more successful.

“I could go on and on about how great Balboa is, I truly could. From the Chief Risk Officer and Director of Credit to the IT team, there is not a member of this organization that has not “rolled out the red carpet.” It is not to say I’m not a special rep, but this is the norm for the Balboa team.

“I challenge any rep that dreads their job, company, boss and is unhappy every Sunday night because they know work is the next day to take a deeper look at Balboa. There is a reason why we have been in business for 30 years and continue to win.

“Stop talking about how you want things to be different in your organization, stop talking about how you would do things if you were in charge, stop talking about how you are not happy instead, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.”

– Carlos Marroquin, Regional Sales Manager, Vendor Healthcare
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“I have worked in the transportation finance industry for over 20 years starting in collections, then credit, and now sales. In my previous sales positions, managers made promises to me regarding territory, customer base, pricing, and credit underwriting, among others. These promises were not followed through on; management gave the impression of not caring. This isn’t the case at Balboa Capital. I feel that management is genuinely concerned about myself and my family, not only on a professional level, but a personal level as well. This is the biggest positive for me at Balboa Capital.

“As far as doing business, Balboa knows its target customers, and is realistic about it – you are not asked why you didn’t sell a $1MM deal to a large fleet with ‘A’ credit at a 10% rate. We offer competitive rates that work well for our target customers. Our credit box can be small and fairly inflexible at times, however, it is very well defined, and well explained by our credit team on deals that are declined. My experience is that dealers will take the path of least resistance when financing a deal. Balboa has a strong technology base which allows for applications to be easily entered. Plus, credit decisions and documentation can be done extremely fast. As for funding deals, we can utilize eSignature as well as funding off copies.

“The company provides me with the tools to be successful along with achievable goals. As opposed to my previous stops, my territory now is well defined, and there is no poaching from other sales reps (a major issue at other companies). There is a good culture at Balboa with nice people to work with and for. They make me want to do well for them.”

– Daniel Anderson, Regional Sales Manager
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“I’ve been in the equipment financing industry for close to 20 years, and have worked for Balboa Capital for almost 7 of those years. In that time span, I’ve worked for similar companies like Balboa, and with some rather large companies/banks. I can say without hesitation that Balboa Capital is by far the most entrepreneurial company I have ever worked for. You hear that cliché “we look for ways to say yes,” and most of the times it’s just talk. Not at Balboa. I learned this during the first 30 days that I started working here. It comes down to our culture and the individuals that oversee our vendor division.

“Our front-end technology is second to none, and as cutting edge as you’ll find anywhere. We back it up with Portal360, quick approvals (most of the time within an hour or so), e‐signature documents, etc. I’m fortunate to have made the decision to come work here and, to be honest, I never thought 7 years later I would still be here. Balboa Capital is a great company that I would recommend to anyone looking for a new opportunity.”

– Ernest Leal, Regional Sales Manager

“When working in sales for any company, I think that you have to believe in the product. At Balboa Capital, I have found this to be a non-issue. The commercial vehicle financing products we sell are not only honest and straightforward, they are also competitive within the current market. It is a product that can truly benefit the vendors we sell to, while being fair to their customers. Unlike many lenders, I feel that Balboa has a strong grasp on the market it wants to target, and doesn’t try to oversell by overstating “potential rates or customer segments” just to get applications.

“Another great thing about Balboa, which is likely unique to the outside sales position, is the amount of support you get from the corporate office. As an outside salesperson it is easy to feel like you are stuck on an island when you need to communicate immediately with the corporate office. While there will always be stressful, time-sensitive issues, I have found it to be easy to get in touch with our funding and credit teams. Within the commercial vehicle sales team, it has also been nice to know that other reps are willing to help one another and provide advice if management is unavailable.

“Overall, I would recommend Balboa Capital to any commercial finance salesperson looking for a change. The opportunity to succeed is very great with a reasonable commission structure, strong corporate support, and a competitive product.”

– Evan Clemens, Regional Sales Manager

“I made a list of my top-10 favorite things about working at Balboa Capital.”

  • I love that there is an additional three hours of funding cut off time for all of my vendors on the east coast. This can make or break a deal getting paid same day.
  • Our presence online, and Linkedin, keeps us in front of vendors and industry news.
  • Our technology and Portal360 design gives a great advantage over our competitors. This is a great self-service tool for our vendors.
  • Our vendor approval process is streamlined, and the turnaround time is very quick, which is necessary within the copier industry.
  • Our documentation process is easy and simple for vendors.
  • The daily reports shows the sales reps exactly where they are for the month, and there is no guessing games involved.
  • Sales reps can focus on getting new business since we do not have to process the paperwork.
  • Salesforce – it’s great that calls automatically log… and all that is needed is follow-up note.
  • Supportive team and staff.
  • Fun environment.

– Ginger Lipford, Account Manager

“We hear it all the time, it’s the people that make the company. Teamwork. Going the extra mile. Here’s the thing … it really holds true at Balboa Capital. The competitive advantage that sets us apart in the markets we serve is our people. We share the same goals and look for ways to achieve the desired outcome(s). The people I work with are united in delivering the best experience not only for our customers, but for me as well. We’re not perfect; we make mistakes. But it’s how those mistakes are handled that makes the difference. We rebound quickly and efficiently. We have a desire to succeed, and we follow through on our commitments. We make mental notes of how to do things better next time, and apply the lessons learned. We’re actively involved in moving things to the next level.  We are relevant to our customers/partners; we make their experience a positive one.

“We quickly look for solutions to issues that arise, whether it’s an everyday nuisance issue or something that requires a more complex thought process. There’s not a bunch of red tape to filter through to implement these initiatives. Management is available and welcomes opinions and ideas to do things differently; I feel empowered to speak freely.

“I enjoy the nuances of each day; it keeps the work day interesting. Sure, there’s routine work but there are also opportunities to challenge yourself & develop solutions. From sales, servicing and then the execution of each deal and/or client relationship, we are experienced and committed to providing positive outcomes. It may not be the same in each situation, but we are nimble enough to adapt and achieve the desired results. We reach out to our partners; we value and implement their feedback. Evolving with new ideas keeps us fresh and relevant.

“The technology is awesome. I tend to take it for granted, as I’m using it on a daily basis. Everything from getting credit decisions on deals, working with potential vendors/suppliers, reporting, and screen sharing via Skype with co-workers.”

– Kathy Farrell, Program Manager, Strategic Accounts
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“I dreaded going to work every day at my last company and that was no fun. Making a switch to Balboa Capital was one of the best decisions I made. I have now been here a total of five years. My goal is to make Balboa the place I retire from. I actually look forward to getting up each day and working. I have the opportunity to work with some great people at all levels of the company. Associates are knowledgeable, humble and always willing to assist. It really feels more like a family than anything else

“The involvement shown by upper management is amazing. They truly want you to succeed and are there to supply each of us with tools we need to make that happen. This becomes a win/win situation for everyone.”


– Lisa Gargiulo, Program Manager, Strategic Accounts

“After working at the largest direct lender (by volume) and two brokers, I have quickly come to realize a strong career is built by having access to a few things. First is an executive team that wants to do everything they can to become better each day. This can only be accomplished by working with reps who are in the trenches every day fighting to bring Balboa Capital to victory. Our executive team takes into account everything we need to be more successful, and they work very hard to make proper adjustments.

“Second, being at a place that utilizes technology to streamline an industry that used to be considered complex. Balboa offers technology that cannot be beat. We simplify the finance process by eliminating time and giving instantaneous answers. This brings so much value to our partners and their customers so they no longer are scared of the finance process, but use it to their advantage. Long story short, Balboa is far ahead of its competition and the tools that are given here make it extremely easy to win business. If you are looking or a place you can truly call home, make the move to Balboa.”

– Patrick Rohn, Regional Manager, Vendor Healthcare
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“Overall, I really like Balboa Capital’s processes and have enjoyed my time here.”

  • Impressive technology, especially our Portal 360
  • Easy documentation process and no originals
  • Streamlined vendor approval process
  • 6PM EST funding cut-off
  • Great co-workers
  • Fun atmosphere

– Reid Allen, Account Manager, Vendor Sales Operations

“During my career, I have worked for several large commercial equipment finance companies. When I came to Balboa Capital, my first introduction was with all of the senior management. To my surprise, I was asked how my business should be run, and what it would take to be successful in my industry with my vendors. What were the market rates, what programs, and what was the best way to go to market to be successful. Senior Management is truly interested in my individual success and what it takes to accomplish that goal. The attitude was ‘if you successful, we are successful.’

“Companies as made up of people and what Balboa has are great people who are invested in the individual. You are not just seen as an employee, but as a vital part of the business. What YOU think is important and your input is valued. When you can directly express your thoughts to the President, Vice President of Sales, or the COO of the company… and they actually listen, that is a BIG Deal! As a result, Balboa a very agile company that is quick to react to market changes because they listen to their sales people.

“I have always felt that success breeds success. Balboa has that attitude! Being successful requires persistence, determination and hard work. Balboa stresses these principles of success, and provides you the tools that allow you to achieve your goals. Balboa spares no expense in providing state-of-the-art technology that provides a competitive edge in a highly competitive environment.”

– Richard Parker, Regional Manager

“As a 20-plus year industry veteran, I have worked for a handful of companies, some large some small, some bank- owned, and some independent. I kid you not, Balboa Capital can keep pace with them all, if not run circles around the others. I have never been able to process a deal from application submission to funding as fast as I can here at Balboa. Vendors are blown away by the turnaround time in which we operate. While bank-owned companies are struggling with credit criteria, and independents and brokers are looking for home for the deal, Balboa has not only approved the deal, but documents have already been sent and you are have taken your deal off the street.

“Balboa is hungry; we are continuing to build our portfolio while others are licking their wounds or simply just maintaining their portfolio. Credit is flexible and structures are as creative as you make them. Management is top notch and always in your corner, they are willing to listen and work with you to hone your program to help maximize the potential your vendors have to offer.

“If you have a book of business and need a home to keep your book in top shape while continuing to build it, Balboa Capital is a great fit.”

– Bob Shafer, Regional Manager

“I am thankful to be able to say that I really enjoy working at Balboa Capital in their sales division. It is so refreshing to say that, especially after being in the leasing industry for over 18 years. That experience includes being a part of three national leasing companies. And now that includes over six years of experience with Balboa.

“There is a big competitive culture here that helps motivate me, and keep me focused on my daily activities. Daily reports show my results and remind me to ‘do more’ and ‘keep the foot on the pedal’. All of it helps result in higher earnings without limits. I can tailor strong vendor programs to help with flow vendor business. And, I can structure individual transactions to meet a particular customer’s needs.

“Technology plays a large role in helping my sales effort. Fast credit scoring helps, too. We are able to pull personal credit, and not have the inquiry reflect on the owner’s credit, until we fund the transaction. Most of our competition cannot provide that benefit. E-signature docs speed the transaction and make the process easy. Portal 360 allows for fast application entry. The Portal provides real time reporting of each transaction to my vendor sales reps. Along with aging reports which enable repeat sales.

“Corporate management’s skill level is very important to me. Balboa managers can help to ‘move the rock’ if there is an obstacle. The response will not always be a ‘yes.’ But a quick answer allows me to focus on selling. I like the ability to tap in to the management level as well as the other sales pros who work at Balboa. It provides multiple resources for me to tap in to and find solutions. We are all accessible and pull in the same direction.

“I will sum it up by saying ‘we eat what we kill'”

– Steve Babor, Regional Manager