How to Use an iPad for Business

how to use the ipad for business

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Apple continues to dominate the tablet market, which is sure to continue with the launch of the iPad Mini. As of this blog post, Apple has sold hundreds of millions of iPads, making it the most popular tablet. While the iPad is excellent for surfing the web, sending emails, and taking pictures, it is ideal for small businesses.

Its wireless capability, generous screen size, and ease of use are apparent benefits, but did you know there is a considerable assortment of business-related apps available for the iPad? This Balboa Capital blog post gives you some tips on how to use an iPad for business.

Total business management.

The Apple iPad can be used for a wide variety of business tasks. Its ultra-clear and vibrant screen will bring any presentation, infographic, PDF, video, or related business document to life. As a result, sales professionals can make presentations to prospects and existing customers with ease, not to mention demonstrating their websites.

The iPad is also an excellent tool for staying organized. It lets you review documents, sales charts, accounting information, proposals, and more created in Microsoft and iWork. With Apple Pages, you can write papers, create spreadsheets, and mark up PDF files.

Conduct business offsite.

Would it not be great to conduct business even when you are not in the office? The iPad lets you do everything you need to stay productive and profitable, no matter where you are. With its fast processor and a speedy broadband connection, you can generate estimates and purchase orders, close deals, and collect and process payments directly from your iPad. You can even turn your iPad into a safe and secure credit card terminal. So no matter where your business takes you, the iPad has it covered.

Apps that mean business.

Apps are another thing that sets the iPad apart from its competition. A seemingly endless array of apps is available to help you manage every aspect of your small business. There are apps for sales, marketing, financial planning, accounting, productivity, human resources, and document creation, to name a few.

If cost is a concern, you will be glad to know that some apps are free, and most are very affordable. In addition, Apple offers volume discounts if you need to purchase apps for multiple users.

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