How to Run a Profitable Towing Business

how to run a profitable towing business

The US automotive towing industry represents billions in annual revenues. As the population increases and consumers purchase more vehicles, this specialized industry will continue to do well. So, what can you do to set your towing business apart from the competition? This Balboa Capital blog post has the answer. It explains how to run a profitable towing business.

Towing industry overview.

Currently there are close to 9,000 towing businesses in the US that employ over 100,000 workers. The automotive towing industry is growing at an annual rate of approximately 3%. You can learn more facts and figures in our towing industry infographic. One thing that might cause the industry to experience slower business is technology.

Today’s cars are more efficient than ever before, and therefore experience less mechanical problems. That being said, towing companies will continue to be called upon to transport automobiles that are involved in accidents, and to tow illegally parked vehicles.

Set your towing business apart.

Your automotive towing business needs to be different in order to stand out from the competition. This starts by determining the strengths of your towing business, and then promoting them in a cost-effective manner.

Things like years of experience, level of customer service, number of tow trucks in your fleet, and types of vehicles you can tow are all important attributes. Include relevant information about your company in all of your marketing efforts, such as your website, business cards, and flyers.

Expand your capabilities.

You can open the door to more business and increased revenue by expanding your capabilities. For example, you may want to tow boats, motorcycles and specialty vehicles in addition to passenger cars. Of course, you need to have a tow truck that can tow these various types of vehicles.

Network with local businesses.

Business networking is a fantastic way to meet potential customers for your towing business because it is highly personal. Make time to meet with auto repair businesses, auto dealers, apartment managers and property managers and do not forget to leave your business cards. In addition, send them a nice “thank you” email or call them on the phone a few days after your meeting.

Get a quality tow truck.

The most important part of your business is your tow truck. Without a top-quality tow truck that is in excellent running condition, your business might be presented with problems. If your tow truck breaks down and constantly needs maintenance, you are losing time and money, not to mention customers and potential referrals.

To get a new or used tow truck without using up all of your capital, consider tow truck financing. This is a money-saving means of acquiring the vehicle you need for a predictable monthly payment over a specific period.