A Trusted Direct Lender

Balboa Capital is the direct lender of choice for thousands of businesses in just about every industry out there. Many of the businesses we work with have entrusted our services for years, or even decades. When you choose Balboa Capital as your direct lender, you will appreciate our friendly service, easy application process and fast funding capabilities. Our goal is to establish a good long-term business relationship with you, because there will be times when you need a direct lending company you can count on. You will have one contact who will always be there when you have questions or want to secure financing. Additionally, by making timely payments for your Balboa Capital business loan or equipment lease, you will improve your credit score and increase your borrowing capacity for future transactions with us.

Easier Approval Process

Every small and mid-sized business in the United States has its own unique financing requirements. For some startups and long-established companies, traditional lending might not be a viable option for one reason or another. A less-than-perfect credit score or insufficient collateral can prevent business owners from securing capital or credit lines. Fortunately, there are alternative lending resources that offer companies a more direct line to loans and financing. Direct lenders like Balboa Capital provide business owners with financing solutions that are flexible and easy to get approved.

Personalized Service

Balboa Capital is proud to be a direct lender because it enables us to provide our customers with a highly efficient and more personalized financing experience. As a direct lender with a large team of financing professionals and accounting specialists on staff, Balboa Capital is able to manage everything in-house. We review finance applications, run credit checks, and handle underwriting and approvals. By not having to rely on anyone else for these important steps in the financing process, you will get the answers you need quickly. In addition, our immense lending power enables us to fund loans and equipment financing requests ourselves, thereby eliminating the need to work with a third-party resource. Having our own lending protocols gives us greater flexibility and allows us to structure financing products that you might not be able to get elsewhere.