small business loans

Small Business Loans… Simplified

Running a successful small business requires more than hard work and a great product or service. It also requires capital to cover the seemingly endless list of business expenses. When you started your company, you incurred expenses for legal fees, logo design, website development, marketing, inventory, furniture and much more. If you are like the majority of America’s 30 million small business owners, you applied for a small business loan from your local bank prior to opening your doors. Conventional business loans have been the choice of entrepreneurs for decades; they are recognized as a primary option for obtaining capital. Business owners’ familiarity with conventional loans can also be attributed to the US Small Business Administration (SBA), which has actively supported small business owners with loan programs, counseling services and other forms of assistance since its inception in 1953.

Putting Technology to Work for You

We do not need to inform you that getting a small business loan can be challenging due to increased regulation and rigid approval standards. Recent news stories indicate that small and medium-sized banks are only approving half of their business loan requests, meaning many companies are not getting the cash they need to grow. If you have run into a roadblock when trying to obtain cash for your company, Balboa Capital has some welcome news. We work with Main Street, USA every day, and we are fully aware of how difficult it is for small companies to secure funding. We made significant investments in online tools and technology to provide you with a simple way to get one of our alternative business loan products.

The Faster, Easier Way to Get Cash

Balboa Capital’s free business loan calculator provides you with an instant estimate, and you can send your application directly through our secure website in a matter of minutes. Once we receive it, our sophisticated online technology helps accelerate the credit review process so we can provide you with a decision right away. Getting a small business loan from Balboa Capital is quick and straightforward because collateral and a high credit score are not required. Working capital loans, merchant cash advances and flexible business loans are the three alternative loan products that we offer. Each of these options can be customized based on the amount of cash needed, and the term length desired.

  • Easy Application/Quick Credit Decisions
  • Get up to $150,000 with Basic Information
  • Up to $2 Million Plans with Full Financial Package
  • Absolutely No Hidden Fees
  • Fast Processing
  • Flexibility for More Cash
  • No Restrictions on How You Can Use Your Loan
  • Perfect Credit Isn’t Required
  • Backed by Our “Lowest Payment Pledge”
  • Outstanding Customer Service

Get Cash in 5 Days or Less

Now that you know how easy it is to get a business loan from Balboa Capital, take a moment to complete and submit your business loan application. One of our knowledgeable business loan specialists will contact you promptly to discuss your company’s needs and answer any questions you have. If you choose to move forward with Balboa Capital once your loan application is approved, you won’t have to wait long to receive your cash. We provide our customers with funds in five days or less. Balboa Capital has helped thousands of companies secure the cash they need, so you know you are working with an experienced direct lender that is filling the gap that many banks aren’t willing to fill.