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04 Oct Web-Based Financing Tools Are Changing The Business Landscape

When Zack Anderson needed a new bulldozer for his construction company, he didn’t reach for the phone book or drive to the local bank. He used his mobile phone to log on the Internet and visit the website of his equipment financing company. Zack used the company’s convenient online lease calculator to get an immediate estimate for his bulldozer purchase. After picking the lease term he liked best, Zack submitted a finance application directly from his mobile phone. This efficiency is benefiting small business owners like Zack throughout the United States, and it’s all thanks to today’s innovative web-based financing tools. This Balboa Capital blog entry features an overview of mobile financing, and how you can put it to work for your business.

Making Your Life Easier

Gone are the days when getting financing for your business required a lengthy loan or lease application and driving back-and-forth to a bank or credit union to meet with loan specialists and sign documents. Web-based tools are replacing these outdated ways of getting financing and making the entire process easier, faster and more efficient than ever before.

It is now possible to log online from your computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet and manage every aspect of the business financing process. Business loan calculators, equipment lease calculators, finance applications and more are all at your fingertips. You spend quite a bit of time and energy running your company, and using these web-based tools can ensure that your time is well spent and not wasted.

Best of Both Worlds

There are many banks and financing companies that have websites with user-friendly financing tools. However, finding the best financing resource for your particular needs can be difficult. After all, the best online financing tools mean nothing unless they are from a financing company that instills trust and confidence. Here at Balboa Capital, our website has all the financing tools you need, along with the highly competitive rates and top-notch customer service that has helped make us the preferred choice of thousands of businesses since 1988.

From online calculators and applications, to one-hour credit decisions and same-day funding, everything Balboa Capital does is designed to work at the speed of today’s business world. We look forward to providing you with the dependable funding your company needs to grow, just like we did for Zack Anderson.