Small Business Infographics

Small business infographics created by Balboa Capital feature helpful information delivered in a visual way.

cloud software infographic, cloud computing infographic
Cloud Software Infographic

Everything you need to know about cloud software.

water infographic, water industry infographic, pouw infographic
Water Industry Infographic

Interesting facts about the U.S. water industry.

business equipment that can be financed infographic, equipment financing infographic
Equipment You Can Finance Infographic

See if the equipment you want is on this list.

small business holiday planning infographic, holiday strategies for business infographic
Holiday Business Planning Infographic

Tips to get your business ready for the holidays.

about balboa capital infographic, balboa capital infographic
Balboa Capital Infographic

History and timeline of our company’s growth.

construction infographic, construction industry infographic
Construction Industry Infographic

Get a glimpse of the industry that drives our economy.

woodworking industry infographic, woodworking infographic
Woodworking Industry Infographic

Interesting facts about the woodworking industry.

manufacturing infographic, manufacturing industry infographic
Manufacturing Industry Infographic

See the impact that U.S. manufacturing is making.

middle market infographic, middle market industry infographic
Middle Market Industry Infographic

Get a look at this $10 trillion business sector.

equipment vendor sales technology infographic, equipment dealer sales infographic
Vendor Sales Technology Infographic

Learn how technology can benefit your vendor business.

black friday infographic, black friday statistics infographic
Black Friday Sales Infographic

Learn how technology is impacting Black Friday sales.

small business tax tips infographic, business taxes infographic
Small Business Tax Tips Infographic

Learn how to save time and money this tax season.