Small Business Infographics

Small business infographics created by Balboa Capital feature helpful information delivered in a visual way.

towing industry infographic preview
Towing Industry Infographic

Facts and figures about the U.S. towing industry.

holiday marketing tips infographic preview
Holiday Marketing Infographic

Make it the best holiday ever with these marketing tips.

restaurant franchise infographic preview
Restaurant Franchise Infographic

Restaurant franchise facts, statistics, trends, and more.

women business owners infographic preview
Women Business Owners Infographic

An overview of female entrepreneurship in the U.S.

auto repair industry infographic preview
Auto Repair Industry Infographic

Check under the hood to learn about this industry.

farming industry infographic preview
Farming Industry Infographic

Overview of the $410 billion U.S. farming industry.

employee recruiting tips infographic preview
Employee Recruiting Tips Infographic

Recruiting strategies for businesses are changing.

financing versus buying equipment infographic preview
Financing vs. Buying Equipment Infographic

Compare both options to see what is best for you.

tax cuts and jobs act infographic preview
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Infographic

Get the scoop on this landmark tax law.

section 179 tax deduction infographic preview
Section 179 Tax Deduction Infographic

The Section 179 deduction limit spiked to $1 million.

cloud software infographic preview
Cloud Software Infographic

Everything you need to know about cloud software.

water industry infographic preview
Water Industry Infographic

Interesting facts about the U.S. water industry.