Small Business Infographics

Small business infographics created by Balboa Capital feature helpful information delivered in a visual way.

beauty salon industry infographic thumbnail
Beauty Salon Industry Infographic

Learn why salon industry revenues look fabulous.

floral industry infographic preview
Floral Industry Infographic

Business is blooming for the U.S. floral industry.

bowling industry infographic preview
Bowling Industry Infographic

Facts, figures, and more about the U.S. bowling industry.

dental industry infographic preview
Dental Industry Infographic

Dental industry trends, revenues, and much more.

recycling industry infographic preview
Recycling Industry Infographic

Recycling industry trends, statistics, and more.

veteran business owners infographic preview
Veteran Business Owners Infographic

Veteran-owned businesses help build the economy.

restaurant trends infographic preview
Restaurant Trends Infographic

Learn what is impacting the restaurant industry.

bad credit business loans infographic preview
Bad Credit Business Loans Infographic

Tips on how to get a bad credit business loan.

hotel industry infographic preview
Hotel Industry Infographic

Discover trends that are reshaping the hotel industry.

business line of credit infographic preview
Business Line Of Credit Infographic

Everything you need to know about business credit lines.

national small business week infographic preview
Small Business Week Infographic

Here is what you need to know about this annual event.

short term business loans infographic preview
Short-Term Business Loans Infographic

Learn how short-term loans can lead to long-term success.