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Partial list of middle market industries Balboa Capital serves.

We work with middle market companies in just about every industry.

Balboa Capital is proud to be a trusted commercial financing company of middle market companies in a wide variety of industries throughout the country. Our team of talented commercial finance managers provides our customers with the knowledgeable and capable service they demand. Below is a sample list of middle market industries and sectors that we work with.

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How to obtain commercial financing for your company.

Apply online

Submit our online commercial financing application. We will contact you to discuss the solutions we offer.  

Get approved

Our automated process speeds up the turnaround time. Upon approval, the closing process will begin.

Receive funds

We will deliver dependable funding in a timely manner so you can finance equipment.   

Whitepaper: Why middle market companies matter to the U.S. economy.

Get a bird’s-eye view of the United States mid-market industry in this Balboa Capital whitepaper. You will learn how middle market companies are helping drive the economy, what business sectors are seeing the biggest growth, and how to get commercial financing for your company. This whitepaper is free to download, so get your copy now.

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Get commercial financing for your construction company.