Social media can provide the tools your business needs to grow, like online exposure at little-to-no cost, unlimited access to your customers and the conversation surrounding your products or service, as well as the means to attracting new customers. For these reasons and more, it’s important to utilize social media for your business. Check out the tips in this Balboa Capital blog post to learn how your small business can use social media the right way.

Create your brand image.

People buy products from brands they trust, which means that establishing credibility as a part of your brand image is very important. Your potential customers will look for this quality when making their purchase decision. Social media is a great place to start building your brand – as your presence on social media can directly translate to your credibility as a business and your audiences’ perception of your product or service. Your tone, voice, engagement and shared content will all play a part in shaping this perception.

Share great content.

Sharing great content can help build your online presence. It is important to not be over promotional on the platforms you use. Unless you are offering discounts and coupons, you should limit promotional content to one in every five content shares. The majority of your content should be topics, videos, articles and pictures that your audience will find interesting.

Reach your customers.

Social media allows businesses to gain valuable customer insight, and gives you the opportunity to engage in conversation with your customers in real time, even on mobile applications. Use this platform to reach out to any unhappy customers who engage with your company’s social media page about a problem they have encountered with your product or service. Offer your sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused, as well as a solution and guarantee that the issue is not typical of your business. Your customers will appreciate your effort to resolve the problem, and are more likely to purchase again in the future.