After watching the State of the Union address this week and hearing the President talk about the improving unemployment numbers, I thought it would be beneficial to write a blog post about employment opportunities that are available in the equipment finance industry. As one of the nation’s largest independent equipment leasing companies, Balboa Capital knows exactly what is going on in our industry in terms of jobs.

A $725 billion industry.

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation expects the $725 billion equipment leasing industry to grow 3% next year. Obviously, this number will increase if the economy continues to improve because it will lead to greater business confidence and, subsequently, more capital equipment investing nationwide. If you are seeking a career in equipment leasing, this is promising news.

What does it take to succeed?

In order to build a successful career as an equipment leasing professional, you need to be highly disciplined, hard-working and possess a variety of skills related to financing. You will work with customers and equipment vendors in many different industries, and having knowledge of each will help you build confidence with your prospects and customers. Ultimately, this can help you close more deals and pave the way for a successful long-term career.

More than just sales.

Account managers and sales representatives account for the majority of jobs in the equipment leasing industry. However, their success requires a talented supporting cast that is made up of employees in many different areas. So, if you are not a sales professional and want to work in equipment leasing, you will be glad to know that this unique business niche requires experienced personnel in accounting, credit services, customer service, information technology (IT), marketing and social media, to name a few.