National Small Business Week is a national event designed to recognize and honor top entrepreneurs and their contributions to local economies across the United States each year. More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, making small businesses the largest employer in the nation. This Balboa Capital blog post explains how you can get involved in the celebration.

Share your story.

Sharing your business success story is an important part of celebrating National Small Business week for many reasons. One, it highlights why you do the work that you do. This is an opportunity to showcase how your company is making a difference, whether it be through your everyday business operation or the extra time you spend giving back in your community. Secondly, your story will help to expand your reach and increase brand awareness. Try sharing your story on your website, social media accounts, in company newsletters, press releases, and local print publications.

Say “thank you.”

Start by considering who makes your business possible. Is it your customers? Your employees? Find a way to thank these people for their continued support and loyalty. For your best customers, try offering special sales, promotions, gift-with-purchase, etc. For your employees, set aside a bit of your annual budget to treat them to something special. That can be lunch delivered to the office, gifts, bonuses, or whatever else you see fit.

Establish partnerships.

National Small Business Week is a wonderful opportunity to join forces with other small businesses in your area. The best partnership for your business will be with one that has a similar target audience – people that will likely be interested in your product or service. This partnership will allow you to leverage their customer base and expand your reach. Consider co-hosting an event or offering exclusive discounts to your partner’s customers.