Whether you are expanding your staff, or looking to fill a certain position at your company, university career fairs are an easy and accessible way to find the right job candidates. In today’s busy world, business owners might not have the time or energy to look for the right person, and that is where university career fairs can help. They have become a popular and necessary recruiting tool, especially at junior colleges and major universities where soon-to-be graduates will be seeking internship and full-time employment opportunities. There are many benefits of attending these career fairs outside of finding new talent for your company. These include building brand awareness, professional networking, and supporting the community in which you work in. This Balboa Capital blog post explains how university career fairs can help you find your company’s next great employee.

What to do at career fairs

Looking for the right candidates at university career fairs gives you the opportunity to promote brand awareness. This can be done inexpensively by renting a booth and providing marketing materials like flyers and banners, and promoting your attendance to these events on social media. Some companies even provide free products like pens, stickers, and other promotional tools to engage prospects in learning about their business and the employment positions they have available. Whether you want to attend a local university or travel to a major educational institution, there are many ways to participate and gain exposure when looking for job candidates on a small or large scale. It’s also a good idea to post pictures on updates on social media, and your Glassdoor business account or LinkedIn Careers page.

One-stop networking

While attending career fairs, not only are you building exposure for your company, you are also gaining opportunities to network with hundreds of students in one place at one time. It is an efficient way to find and engage with prospects of all majors and backgrounds, and network without having to spend time searching online or scanning through an endless stack of resumes. Being present at career fairs allows the right candidate to find you as well. What you can do in just one day of networking not only saves your company time and money, it also creates a positive image to attract the right prospects.

Here at Balboa Capital, we know the benefits of attending university career fairs. Our executive recruiters attend numerous events and network nationwide to find the right candidates. We have recruited employees from all over the country, many of whom learned about our career opportunities on LinkedIn. A number of our employees started as interns and gained successful careers with endless opportunities for growth and advancement.