As a business owner, you’re constantly being pulled in a million different directions. It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of the week, and in need of some rest. The problem is that for business owners, work never truly stops on Friday afternoons. Many business owners carry their work into the weekend and never get the rest they need to continue to work efficiently. We spoke with our CEO, Patrick Byrne, in effort to gain some insight as to how entrepreneurs can achieve balance and business success, even during their busiest times. This Balboa Capital blog post features a few of the things Patrick makes time for to recharge his entrepreneurial battery.

Free the mind.

Entrepreneurs are focused, dedicated, and determined. That being said, it can be difficult to balance work and necessary alone time. I find it beneficial to my personal health and to my business to take some time to recharge. I’ll go running, play basketball, or surf to help clear my head and be ready to refocus my thoughts when I get back into the office. This practice has helped me immensely in staying organized, healthy, and ready for anything business throws at me.

Start early.

Get up and get going. Doing this will give you a set of uninterrupted time to plan out your day as well as check off a few important and must-do items. Getting these tasks out of the way will allow you to focus on the must-do’s at work, with the full attention and effort they will likely require.

Stay in the trenches.

Keep up with industry news. As the business owner, you’re expected to be the expert, and for good reason. Make sure you have a team that keeps up with your competitors’ actions, in terms of product, service, customer service, and continued business development. This team will be your most valuable resource in assessing how you want to operate your business on a granular level, based on their knowledge, experience and insight.