Equipment Vendor Program FAQ

What Are The Benefits Of Balboa Capital's Vendor Program?

Becoming a Balboa Capital vendor partner offers significant advantages. Financing applications can be filled out in minutes, you will gain access to our sophisticated web-based sales tools and technology, and we can provide your customers with fast funding. Balboa Capital offers app-only financing of up to $250,000. We also offer vendor-specific financing programs for a wide variety of industries. Companies throughout the entire United States choose to work with us due to our excellent service and proven reputation.

Who Typically Leases Equipment?

Many business professionals who choose equipment leasing solutions are owners of small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, over 90% of the “Fortune 500” companies use leasing to finance their equipment needs. Equipment financing is a wise business decision for many successful business owners, regardless of their company size or credit profile.

Why Should I Offer Leasing To My Customers?

There are numerous customers who want to do business with you, but may prefer to make monthly payments instead of purchasing your equipment. Offering equipment financing will not cost you anything, and it will help your company to increase its sales by allowing your customers to have more flexible purchasing options. Since leasing allows you to retain ownership of your equipment, you can sell or lease it once your customers’ lease agreements are over as well.

Who Is Eligible To Finance Equipment?

Anyone considering the Balboa Capital equipment financing program must plan to use the equipment for business purposes. Lease amounts generally are a minimum of $2,000 and no longer than 60 months, with special exceptions of certain equipment and credit profiles. All applicants are subject to credit approval and will usually be notified within hours of submitting an application.

What Industries Does Balboa Capital Work With?

Balboa Capital’s vendor team has vast experience with many business industries all over the United States. A few of the industries we work with are commercial trucking, point-of-use water, healthcare, land-surveying and technology.

When Do The Equipment Vendors Get Paid?

As your trusted financing partner, Balboa Capital works carefully and diligently to ensure you receive what is owed to you in a timely matter. Your funds will be transferred as soon as we retrieve the signed documents, advance rent, documentation fees and vendor invoices.

Who Prepares The Lease Agreements?

Your vendor financing professional at Balboa Capital will inform your customer, when their financing has been approved, and will also assist in finalizing the documents for you. We take care of the paperwork so you have more time to run your company. Your Balboa Capital representative will also be responsible for keeping you updated throughout the entire process and answering any questions you have.

Do You Have An Online Sales Management System?

Yes. To assist your vendor business in providing excellent service for your customers, we developed a one-of-a-kind online sales management tool. It lets you track real-time transaction updates and financial reports, view details of each transaction, order contracts, calculate lease payments and more. In addition, you can use the system to manage your accounts anywhere and anytime on your mobile phone or tablet. Know that your information will be 100% secured, and that you can do business wherever you are.

What Are Vendor Financing Banner Links?

Our free website banner links can be placed anywhere on your website and will provide your customers with more financing options. When customers click on our banner, they will be taken to a lease application page with your company logo. Banner links can also increase website traffic, add value to your company, help improve your bottom line and build long-term customer relationships. All you have to do is provide an image file of your company’s logo and the best e-mail address to contact you at, choose a banner size that best fits your website, and then have a website administrator place the banner online.

How Does The FastFundApp Page Work?

Your customers can use your FastFundApp page to quickly and easily submit a credit application. Customers who apply through our banner will be taken to your FastFundApp page, where both you and your Balboa Capital account manager will instantly receive an email notification. We provide credit decisions for customers within hours of submitting an application, which means faster sales for your vendor business… and your customers.