Medical Lab Equipment Leasing Saves Money

Balboa Capital understands that keeping patients healthy requires time and careful medical attention. And, oftentimes, this requires highly specialized testing at a medical laboratory. Whether you’re a pathologist, clinical laboratory scientist or technologist, you need access to the most advanced medical lab equipment in order to effectively perform a whole host of state-of-the-art tests. Having the most current equipment also gives your medical laboratory a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The costs of acquiring new medical lab equipment can be quite high, which is why you should consider medical lab equipment leasing with Balboa Capital.

Choose an Equipment Financing Leader

Over the years, Balboa Capital has provided financing to medical laboratories so that they can lease the specialized equipment they need. Our financing professionals are knowledgeable about the medical industry and will provide excellent service for our customers. This includes a wide variety of equipment such as high-tech microscopes and chemistry analyzers to flow cytometers, spectrophometers and more. Medical labs we have worked with have often upgraded their equipment when their lease term was over, so that they never fall behind with technology. Balboa Capital welcomes the opportunity to provide you with an affordable medical lab equipment leasing solution. Get started today with our convenient online lease application.

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