Get a Healthy Bottom Line with EMR System Leasing

Balboa Capital is the financing company for many medical professionals who lease their electronic medical records (EMR) systems. EMR systems are a great way to help keep track of important – and often life-saving – patient information. EMR, also referred to as electronic health records, give doctors instant access to patient records, progress notes, prescriptions and more. Purchasing an electronic medical records system for your medical practice can be quite costly. That’s why electronic medical records system leasing with Balboa Capital is a far more attractive option. Not only will financing help you save money, it will also let you take advantage of the Section 179 tax provision. Make sure you talk to your accounting professional to find out what your individual tax benefits are.

Over Two Decades of Proven Experience

Finding the right financing company to provide you with business funding to lease an EMR system can be difficult and time consuming. For fast funding backed by great customer service, look to Balboa Capital, a top equipment leasing company founded over two decades ago. We are one of the nation’s leaders in electronic medical records leasing. Balboa Capital has provided physicians with affordable finance plans, and we can do the same for you. Get started on your electronic medical records leasing solution today submitting an online lease application.

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